Password Managers

Protecting your passwords

Wondering how to keep your passwords safe? Want an alternative to having to create and remember a different password for each website?

Even though there are plenty of ways to make passwords easy to remember, the sheer number that we need these days can simply be overwhelming.

A great way to take the stress out of it all is by using a piece of software known as a Password Manager.

What are Password Managers?

Password Managers are apps that run on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and which will:

  • Create super strong & unique passwords;
  • Remember & store all your passwords;
  • Automatically log you into websites.

And all so that you don't have to!

They're designed to make it easy to save your login details for different websites, and to do so securely. It's no surprise they're becoming increasingly popular and often recommended by security professionals.

All you need to do is remember one single master password to unlock the tool - you can then forget all your other passwords as the tool stores them for you.

Password manager on a mobile phone

Some of these tools will also safely store other details such as your address and credit card details, and then auto-fill any forms when you buy something online - saving you the effort of having to type them out.

Many also work in the "cloud", giving you access to your passwords from anywhere in the world, including on your phone.

And since you now only need to remember one master password, then it's much easier to make that one password really strong.

There are downsides to be aware of though. If you forget the password to the tool, or if it gets corrupted or accidentally deleted, then you’ll lose access to all your accounts unless you kept a backup elsewhere. You also have to trust that the software is secure and able to protect your passwords.

Where do I get them?

Password Managers can be easily downloaded from the internet. Many are free, although for a small fee some will add extra features such as the ability to sync your passwords between your PC and your mobile phone, or will monitor and alert you if any of your passwords have been leaked by a website.

If you think a Password Manager could be an option for you then some good ones to consider are:

Whichever one you use be careful to make sure you use a legitimate tool (follow the links above) and not a fake one – you don’t want to unwittingly hand all your details to criminals!

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